Laws and Standards in the ICT sector

A. The following is a list of proclamations, regulations, directives, standards and guidelines related to the ICT sector in Ethiopia.


  1. Proclamation No. 49/1996 Telecommunication Proclamation (pdf)
  2. Proclamation No. 73/1997 Ethiopian Radio and Television Agency Establishment (Amendment) Proclamation
  3. Proclamation No. 86/1997 Electricity Proclamation
  4. Proclamation No. 102/1998 Quality and Standards Authority of Ethiopia Establishment Proclamation
  5. Proclamation No. 178/1999 Broadcasting Proclamation
  6. Proclamation No. 281/2002 Telecommunications (Amendment) Proclamation (pdf)
  7. Proclamation No. 360/2003 Ethiopian Information and Communication Technology Development Agency Establishment Proclamation
  8. Proclamation No. 464/2005 Protection of Telecommunications and Electric Power Networks Proclamation
  9. Proclamation No.533/2007 Broadcasting Service Proclamation
  10. Proclamation No. 590/2008 Freedom of the Mass Media and Access to Information Proclamation
  11. Proclamation No. 722/2011 Instruments Amending the Constitution and Convention of the International Telecommunication Union Ratification Proclamation
  12. Proclamation No. 761/2012 Telecom Fraud Offence Proclamation
  13. Proclamation No. 769/2012 Investment Proclamation
  1. Regulations
  1. Council of Ministers Regulation No. 10/1996 Ethiopian Telecommunication Corporation Establishment Council of Ministers Regulation
  2. Council of Ministers Regulation No. 47/1999 Telecommunication Services Council of Ministers Regulations(pdf)
  3. Council of Ministers Regulation No. 93/2003 Ethiopian Telecommunication Corporation Establishment regulation /Amendment/ Council of Ministers Regulation
  4. Council of Ministers Regulation No. 99/2004 Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation Establishment Regulations /Amendment/ Council of Ministers Regulations
  5. Council of Ministers Regulation No. 107/2004 Distribution of Profits of Public Enterprises Council of Ministers Regulations
  6. Council of Ministers Regulation No. 130/2006 Information Network Security Agency Establishment Council of Ministers Regulations
  7. Regulation No. 146/2008 Council of Ministers Regulation to Amend the Investment Incentives and Investment Areas Reserved for Domestic Investors Regulation
  8. Regulation No. 165/2009 Ethiopian Postal Services Enterprise Establishment Council of Ministers Regulation
  9. Regulation No. 177/2010 Information Technology Park Corporation Council of Ministers Regulation
  10. Regulation No. 193/2010 Ethiopian Standards Agency Establishment Council of Ministers Regulation
  11. Regulation No. 196/2010 Ethiopian Conformity Assessment Enterprise Establishment Council of Ministers Regulation
  12. Council of Ministers Regulation No. 197/2010 Ethio-Telecom Establishment Council of Ministers Regulation
  13. Council of Ministers Regulation No. 250/2011 Information Network Security Agency Re-establishment Council of Ministers Regulations
  1. Standards/Guidelines in the IT Category
  1. Keyboard Layout, Typeface and OCR Standard
  2. Critical Localization Standard for Ethiopic languages such as Amharic, Oromifa, Tigrigna, Afaraf and Somali
  3. ICT Accessibility Requirement Standard for People with Disability
  4. Information Exchange Standard
  5. Ethiopic Soundex (Phonetic Matching) Standard
  6. ICT Content Digitization Standard
  7. E-Commerce Standard
  8. Government Information Systems Interoperability Standard (e-GIF).
  9. Ethiopic National Language Processing standard.
  10. Contractual Standard Conditions for ICT Services/Projects.
  11. Standard Evaluation and Selection guideline for ICT Hardware and Software.
  12. GIS Standards and Guideline
  13. Certification Guideline for ICT Professionals, Consultants and Trainers.
  14. ICT Project management Guideline.
  15. Software Quality Assurance Guideline
  16. National Enterprise Architecture Framework (NEAF)
  17. National Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Framework.
  18. ICT Service and Infrastructure Management Framework
  19. E-Service Quality Management Framework
  20. E-Government IT Security Audit Framework
  21. National Electronic Transaction Law
  22. National Data Protection Law
  23. E-Commerce Law
  24. E-Signature Law
  25. Computer Misuse and Cyber Crime Law


  1. Standards/Guidelines and Directives in the Telecom Category
  1. 3G Mobile Terminal Standard
  2. CDMA – WLL Terminal Standard
  3. Telecommunication Quality of Service Standard
  4. Short Range Devices Standard
  5. Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) Mobile Terminal Standard
  6. ADSL (Asynchronous Digital Subscribers Line) Standard
  7. TE PSTN (Terminal Equipment Public Switch Telephone Network) Standard
  8. ISDN BA (Integrated Subscriber Digital Network Basic Access) and ISDN PRA (Integrated Subscriber Digital Network Basic Access Primary Rate Access)
  9. National Numbering Plan Directive
  10. Radio Regulation Directive
  11. Private VSAT Licensing Directive
  12. Value Added Service Directive
  13. Telecommunication Cabling Works, Maintenance and Switching Installation Services Directive
  14. Telecommunication Resale Services Directive