Featured Services

smsMCIT recently launched its first e-government SMS services to the general public.


callMCIT launched a call center to route valuable information about the government to the people.


The www.ethiopia.gov.et is the official gateway to the government of Ethiopia.


Video Conference

MCIT provides IP Connect Video Conferences that offer face to face communications. Videoconferencing uses telecommunications of audio and video to bring people at different sites together for a...

Domain Name Registration

What is a Domain Name? A domain name is the user-friendly form of an Internet address. They are commonly used to find websites, for example, http://www.mcit.gov.et/ is used to find the Agency’s...

Web Hosting

MCIT is providing web hosting services to the various Ethiopian Government Ministries / Departments / Organizations / Institutions as well as State Government Departments and District Administrations.

Services by Directorate

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