ICT Village

IT Park

The Vision & Mission of EthioICT-Village

To establish Ethiopia as the premier IT hub of Africa. Provide impetus for the development of ICT sector in the country by offering a world class business environment along with a conducive policy and regulatory regime, state-of‐the‐art infrastructure and a value proposition geared towards positioning Ethiopia as the preferred IT hub of Africa.
Create a destination for overseas investment and on‐going generation of foreign earnings.
Create employment and career opportunities for Ethiopian citizens.

Some of the main benefits provided by the EthioICT-Village

  • It provides IT infrastructure and manpower which is attractive (in terms of cost) to national &multinational companies.
  • It generates employment and offer high level training to locals as well as generation of foreign earnings.
  • It catalyzes the commercial and retail businesses in the surrounding areas.
  • It creates linkage opportunities in areas such as construction contracts, supplies, materials and food and packaging supplies.

Main functional zones

  • Business zone
  • Assembly & warehouse zone
  • Commercial zone
  • Administrative zone
  • Knowledge park zone

Buildings in EthioICT-Village

EthioICT-Village administration and data centre buildings are under construction
The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology Headquarter is under construction in the EthioICT-Village
An Incubator building with built up area of 10,000 Sq. meter is under construction.

The Ethiopian Government has made the development of information and communications Technology (ICT) one of its strategic priorities. Ethiopia has already embarked on several initiatives to promote the development and application of ICT in several development initiatives. One of these initiatives is the establishment and development of EthioICT-Village.

EthioICT-Village are areas that are developed into a complex that is capable of providing infrastructures and support facilities that are needed by the different ICT based industries. The EthioICT-Villages foster new business development and technological innovation by leveraging synergies within a cluster environment. They provide infrastructure and support services for businesses particularly high quality communications, real estate and office space.

The Ethiopian government has realized the potential of IT industry and has taken the initiative to establish EthioICT-Village to strengthening the local ICT industry and business sector in Ethiopia through attracting direct foreign investment, stimulating growth of the domestic ICT industry, creating an enabling environment for private sector initiatives, and promoting exports of ICT products and services.

To advance this development and remove the obstacles that had previously confronted those interested in investing in Ethiopia's ICT sector, Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MCIT) has finished drawing up plans and feasibility study for a technology park that would serve as a flagship complex symbolizing Ethiopia's commitment to the future.

The feasibility study identified the required infrastructures, design and business model appropriate to develop and implement the project. The EthioICT-Village is planned to have a world class infrastructure to attract investors & meet their business objectives. Among these infrastructures are high capacity telecom & network infrastructures and various business support services tightly coordinated with EthioICT-Village industry support platform.

MCIT is, at present, in the process of setting up the first EthioICT-Village of the country. The EthioICT-Village which lies in an area of 200 hectare site is located at Addis Ababa on the eastern side of Bole international Air port, just a few Kilo meters away from the center of Addis Ababa making it the ideal place for new development and as a location for companies looking to invest in Ethiopia in any business related to ICT.

EthioICT-VillageThe EthioICT-Village is also seen as a vehicle for transforming innovative ideas into commercial products and start-up companies. This would in turn spur the research and development in the country, creating investment opportunities (both local and foreign) as well as generating employment for Ethiopians. It is expected that the EthioICT-Village initially upon full build-out will generate jobs for approximately 300,000 employees.

The Ministry of Communication & Information Technology is currently working on the development of the required infrastructures based on the feasibility study/master plan and recommendations made to implement the plan. The EthioICT-Village is going to be develeoped in two phases. The first phase with an area of approximately 70 hectare is currently under construction.