Vision,Mision and Values

                 The National Vision

  • To transform Ethiopia from a country associated
  • With poverty to a middle-income economy and society with deep-rooted
  •  participatory democracy and good governance based
  •  On the mutual aspirations of its peoples.

               The ICT Vision

  • Every aspect of Ethiopian life is ICT assisted


  • To develop, deploy and use information and Communication Technology
  • To improve the livelihood of every Ethiopian, and
  • Optimize its contribution to the development of the country.


  • Our employees are the basis of our success and achievement.
  • Giving priority for the satisfaction of our customers.
  • Enhancing the participation of the citizen.
  • Ensuring partnership for building good governance and democratic culture.
  • coping up with technological changes.
  • Adopting the culture of Working with a team spirit .
  • Availing the principles of transparency, accountability and participatory appoaches.
  • Identifying and implementing the innovative and appropriate knowledge and Work procedures.