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July 2, 2018,Ethiopian ICT Conference 2018 was held on the 2nd International ICT EXPO, Ethiopia

A conference was held on the second International ICT Expo, Ethiopia 2018, on July 2, 2018, organized by the Ministry on Communication and Information Technology, at the Millennium Hall,Axum Hall.
Five Selected research papers were presented on the conference . The topics of the researches were:


1) “System Architecture for mobile based Tacit Knowledge Externalization" : The Case of participatory Agriculture Innovation in Ethiopia, presented by Getahun Semeon(PHD),from St,Mary University, Addis Ababa.

2)" Virtual Laboratories in Improving Physics conceptual Understanding" : ICT for Transforming Quality of Science Education in Ethiopia.” presented by W/ro Amarech,from education Strategy Center,Addis Ababa.

3) “Automatic Wireless Based Arm Pick and place System for Mobile Robot.” Presented by Hiwot Tekilu,student at Bebire Berhan University. .

4) "Designing a knowledge Management Framework for footwear product Innovation”  presented by Temitim Assefa(PHD), from school of Information Science,Addis Ababa University..

5)"Framework for Externalization of Tacit Knowledge in Participatory Agricultural Research in Ethiopia" : The case of Farmers Research.” presented by Getahun Semeon(PHD),from St,Mary University Addis Ababa

All the researchers presented there findings and questions were raised from the conference participants and the evaluators as well   responded and defended from the presenters.

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