Web Hosting

 Web Hosting MCIT is providing web hosting services to the various Ethiopian Government Ministries / Departments / Organizations / Institutions as well as State Government Departments and District Administrations.

We offer the web/application/database hosting in following two ways -

1) Shared hosting

If you have small application and does not requires large space on a server, then you can opt for the shared hosting facility of National Data Center (NDC). In this case your application/ website shall be hosted on the shared server along with other websites or applications. We can provide required shared space on servers which are hosted with us at our NDC and thereby even a shared site can benefit from our infrastructure and network.

A web hosting service where a server is shared by multiple web hosting customers. Shared hosting is an inexpensive solution for smaller Web sites, and Web sites that don't require complex custom applications. We provide shared hosting on following plate form:


  • Linux and MySql
  • Liunx and Oracle
  • Windows and Oracle
  • Windows and MS-SQL
  • Windows and MySql

2) Dedicated hosting

We also offer to provide you a dedicated server to host your own application or website. Here in this case you need not to invest on procurement of your own server but still you need not to compromise with shared server. These servers are available in a wide range of specifications in terms of HDD/RAM/processors etc.

 Web Hosting The dedicated web servers and database servers provide a cost effective high performance and managed hosting service. Our dedicated servers are an ideal solution for the provision of demanding or mission critical web, email, e-commerce or business applications.

We provisions the network infrastructure, redundant power systems, server hardware, software (including operating system and all applications) SAN storage space and backups required to provided a dedicated hosting solution. Each server is used by only one customer, as compared to a shared web hosting service where multiple website's operate from the same server.

Security is provided using a combination firewall's, intrusion detection systems and physical security systems. Servers are remotely monitored 24 x 7, backed by a 99.5% uptime guarantee.

The Dedicated hosting is provided in following two ways -

A) Managed by NDC:

* NDC will provide all type of servers and services listed in annexure-I & annexure-II respectively with following terms and conditions:

  • NDC will provide necessary S/W, storage , networking etc.
  • NDC will administer , manage and monitor the server and services.
  • No third party S/W shall be installed.
  • Downtime will be informed to the coordinator by Telephone or E-mail.
  • NDC will have super user password, user will get limited access to the server.
  • Any OS upgrade, new patch installation will be done by NDC with prior intimation to coordinator.
  • NDC shall be responsible for Security and backup.
  • User will provide complete flow diagram of the services
  • Coordinator and users will adhere to NDC access policy.

B) Managed by Coordinator/user:

* NDC will provide all type of servers and services listed in annexure-I & annexure-II respectively with following terms and conditions:

NDC will provide H/W, storage , networking and other infrastructures required.

User will provide a detailed diagram/layout showing where each item of equipment to be installed is located within the cabinet. The diagram should be supplemented with a detailed description of how each item is to be connected and with written instructions on how to power on the equipment.

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