Capacity Building Directorate Capacity Building Directorate

Dr.Leulseged Alemie

The Ministry of Communication and Infromation Technology Capacity Building Directorate is one of the core directorate of the Ministry ,and is responsible to Guide, support and coordinate ICT training, Support & Consultancy Services and Research & development Activities.




     Director:-Leulseged Alemie (PhD)

The Activities of the Directorate:

  • Conduct and facilitate short term ICT training programs for federal ministries and regional governments.
  • Provide expert advice on ICT occupational standard , curriculum development & revision for different levels of education i.e. primary, secondary, TVET program and higher educations.
  • Provide expert advice &support on information systems development/ implementation to customers which will not be treated or handled by e-government directorate.
  • Provide expert advice &support during the organizational structure of ICT units and their staffing for government organizations.
  • Monitor and evaluate the consultancy services provided by other consultants.
  • Provide the following types of technical support services when needed necessary for government organizations that will not be treated or handled by e-government service.
    • Prepare technical specifications for Hardware & Software.
    • Evaluation of technical proposals.
    • Hardware & Software Inspection.
    • End user support/fixing technical problems.
    • Evaluation of Term of Reference (TOR).
  • Guide, support and Coordinate ICT Human Resource Development of the country in line with national socio-economic development priorities and conduct research’s in human resource capital utilization & new job creation.
  • Guide, support and Coordinate ICT Research, technology development and application grant on a competitive basis in line with national socio-economic development priorities
  • Provide awards and national recognition to outstanding and creative achievements in the ICT research and development activities.

Contact Information:-
Office Phone +251(0)11 550 5849,
Fax:- +251(0)11 5503974,
P.O.Box 1028;
Physical Address:- Mexico Square, Alta Building, 5th Floor,
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia