Capacity Building Directorate Capacity Building Directorate

Dr.Leulseged AlemieDirector:- Dr.Leulseged Alemie

The CIT Capacity Building Directorate is one of the core directorate of the Ministry (MCIT),and is responsible to Guide, support and coordinate ICT training, Support & Consultancy Services and Research & development Activities.




The Activities of the Directorate:

  • Conduct and facilitate short term ICT training programs for federal ministries and regional governments.
  • Provide expert advice on ICT occupational standard , curriculum development & revision for different levels of education i.e. primary, secondary, TVET program and higher educations.
  • Provide expert advice &support on information systems development/ implementation to customers which will not be treated or handled by e-government directorate.
  • Provide expert advice &support during the organizational structure of ICT units and their staffing for government organizations.
  • Monitor and evaluate the consultancy services provided by other consultants.
  • Provide the following types of technical support services when needed necessary for government organizations that will not be treated or handled by e-government service.
    • Prepare technical specifications for Hardware & Software.
    • Evaluation of technical proposals.
    • Hardware & Software Inspection.
    • End user support/fixing technical problems.
    • Evaluation of Term of Reference (TOR).
  • Guide, support and Coordinate ICT Human Resource Development of the country in line with national socio-economic development priorities and conduct research’s in human resource capital utilization & new job creation.
  • Guide, support and Coordinate ICT Research, technology development and application grant on a competitive basis in line with national socio-economic development priorities
  • Provide awards and national recognition to outstanding and creative achievements in the ICT research and development activities.

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Contact Information:-
Office Phone +251(0)11 550 5849,
Fax:- +251(0)11 5503974,
P.O.Box 1028;
Physical Address:- Alta Building, 5th Floor,
Mexico Square, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia