E-Government Directorate E-Government Directorate

Dr. Abiyot BayouDirector:- Dr. Abiyot Bayou

The Directorate coordinates all government information systems development and administers the National Data Centre. Application and portal developments, hosting of all applications to be shared to different organizations and branches of the same organizations, domain name operation and administration, network administrations and operations and securing of the government networks and applications are some major activities in the Directorate.


The Directorate has two major teams organized for specific assignments;

  • The National Data Center (NDC) team
  • The E-Service team.

The NDC team will coordinate and run the different operations and services rendered from the national data centre. The operation and the services are the video conferencing, network operations, security of the networks, directory services, internet services and hosting of applications are just some of them.

The E-service team is working on all activities leading to create an online service to the citizens, either informational or transactional services. The team is working with all Government Ministries and Agencies to create an online service available to customers.

In addition to those main teams, the portal management team (which is a part of NDC team) is in charge of all activities related to hosting, administering and securing of all portals and WebPages hosted at the NDC. There are also expertise working on activities like the ICT community centers establishment & support, the unified billing system, the network master plan implementation, the different application to be developed to different government organizations and the mobile government.

The Directorate works with all other Directorates and Departments at the Agency and also to all public institutions implementing ICT in their organization

Contact Information:-

Office Phone +251(0)11 550 01 91
Fax:- +251(0)11 551 58 94,
P.O.Box 1028;
email:- mcit[AT]mcit[DOT]gov[DOT]et
Physical Address:- Alta Building, 6th Floor,
Mexico Square, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia