ICT Infrastructure ICT Infrastructure


It is a National Wide Area Network with an objective of provisioning of high bandwidth connectivity between ministries and agencies for sharing data, voice and video communication throughout the country. This infrastructure is required to provide the back bone connectivity for all ministries and agencies to be in a common wide area network. The major outcomes of WoredaNet currently providing nationwide government VPN services are to:

  • Create / establish a government wide area network
  • Create single unified, reliable, robust and secure Intranet for the Government thereby facilitating effective communication and creating less paper environment.
  • Provide connectivity to all the e-Government applications.

WoredaNet is a government network connecting most of the Woreda, regional and federal government offices across the country. WoredaNet is a terrestrial and satellite-based network designed with the primary objective to provide ICT services such as videoconferencing, directory, messaging and Voice Over IP, and Internet connectivity to the Federal, Regional and Woreda level government entities. Almost all federal ministries and agencies, many regional and local government offices and more than 800 WOREDAs (WOREDA is the administrative equivalent of a District, hence the name WOREDA NET) have already been linked with terrestrial (VPN) and VSAT connectivity.

MCIT is working to upgrade and expand the current Government Data Network (WOREDANET) in order to connect all relevant entities requiring access to Government services and ensure that speeds and technologies used in the WOREDANET are sufficient for current and future purposes (such as centralization of further services to be ‘shared’ from the central government datacenter).
The WoredaNe thas to integrate with the existing School Net , EtherNet,, HealthNet and AgriNet and revenue net to enable integration, provisioning of high bandwidth near to the vicinities of the School, Universities and Government Offices.

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