ICT Laws ICT Laws

Lists of IT standards, laws and frameworks

  1. Ethiopic Keyboard Layout, Typeface and OCR Standard
  2. ICT Terminologies and Critical Localization Standard for Ethiopic language such as Amharic, Afan Oromo, Tigrigna, Afar and Somali
  3. ICT Accessibility Requirement Standard for People with Disability
  4. Information Exchange Standard
  5. Ethiopic Soundex (Phonetic Matching) Standard
  6. ICT Content Digitization Standard
  7. E-Commerce Standard
  8. Government Information Systems Interoperability Standard (e-GIF)
  9. Ethiopic National Language Processing Standard
  10. Standard Evaluation and selection Guidelines for ICT Hardware and Software
  11. GIS Standard and Guidelines
  12. Certification Guideline for ICT Professionals, Consultants and Trainers
  13. ICT Project Management Guideline
  14. Software Quality Assurance Guideline
  15. ICT Service and Infrastructure management Framework and Guideline
  16. E-Service Quality Management Framework and Guideline
  17. E-Government IT Security Audit Framework
  18. National Data Protection Law
  19. E-Commerce Law
  20. E-Signature Law
  21. Computer Misuse and Cyber Crime Law
  22. National Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Framework
  23. National Enterprise Architecture Framework (NEAF)
  24. ICT Intellectual Property Right Regulatory Framework

Lists of Postal standards, laws and frameworks

  1. National Addressing System and Postcode Standard
  2. Postal sector Legal and Regulatory Framework (Draft)
  3. Postal Sector Policy (Draft)
  4. Postal Quality of Service Standard (Draft)
  5. Postal Universal Service Strategy (Draft)