ICT Private Sector Development ICT Private Sector Development

High level mandates and/or activities of the Private sector ICT development Directorate

  • Develop the Electronics & ICT Industry developmental road maps that regularly follow and/or much the Socio-economic model of the national Macro/micro-economic system.
  • Studying and /or analyzing the regular Technology trend and /or roll- out requirements for the sectoral development of the industry,(Electronics & ICT Industry).
  • Develop and manage the Electronics & ICT manufacturing ecosystem as an industry
  • Develop the industry operational standards and/or common soft-Infrastructures whereby the industry champions, particularly of the champions to seamlesslyor heterogeneously operate within the industry.
  • Develop and manage the Electronics & ICT manufacturing Technology Transfer road-Map/framework and/or adoption/adaption process, guidelines, mechanisms, ect
  • Develop regular entrepreneurship, innovation and commercialization strategies, frameworks/and or roadmaps.
  • Develop and manage the common innovation centers,business development centers, development parks, soft and/or hard Infrastructures for managing national resources and encouraging/promoting cluster service.
  • Develop and manage the Macro level digital business strategies, channels, standards, special mechanisms, frameworks, etc
  • Devise regular incentive mechanisms/methodologies used for dynamically attract local and /or international investment flows in the industry.
  • Develop and manage the regular industry promotion strategies, such as : Technology forums/summit, National/international EXPOS/ Exhibitions, etc
  • Develop and manage the high-level Electronics & ICT manufacturing/production supply-chain system at the national level.
  • Develop and manage regular sector development statistics and analysis methodology/framework
  • Suggest,Develop and manage the macro level electronics business(e-business) models
  • Develop and manage the export/outsourcing market channels for ICT & Electronics products and services.
  • Develop capacity Building mechanisms for knowledge sharing/transferring, and thereby creating knowledge economy for the sector development.