Ethio-ICT Village Ethio-ICT Village

Ethio-ICT Village

The Vision & Mission of EthioICT-Village

  • To establish Ethiopia as the premier IT hub of Africa. Provide impetus for the development of ICT sector in the country by offering a world class business environment along with a conducive policy and regulatory regime, state-of‐the‐art infrastructure and a value proposition geared towards positioning Ethiopia as the preferred IT hub of Africa.
  • Create a destination for overseas investment and on‐going generation of foreign earnings.
  • Create employment and career opportunities for Ethiopian citizens.

Some of the main benefits provided by the EthioICT-Village

  • It provides IT infrastructure and manpower which is attractive (in terms of cost) to national &multinational companies.
  • It generates employment and offer high level training to locals as well as generation of foreign earnings.
  • It catalyzes the commercial and retail businesses in the surrounding areas.
  • It creates linkage opportunities in areas such as construction contracts, supplies, materials and food and packaging supplies.

Main functional zones

  • Business zone
  • Assembly & warehouse zone
  • Commercial zone
  • Administrative zone
  • Knowledge park zone

Buildings in EthioICT-Village

EthioICT-Village administration and data centre buildings are under construction.

The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology Headquarter is under construction in the EthioICT-Village.

An Incubator building with built up area of 10,000 Sq. meter is under construction.

The Ethiopian Government has made the development of information and communications Technology (ICT) one of its strategic priorities. Ethiopia has already embarked on several initiatives to promote the development and application of ICT in several development initiatives. One of these initiatives is the establishment and development of EthioICT-Village.

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