Laws and Standards in the ICT sector Laws and Standards in the ICT sector

The following is a list of proclamations, regulations, directives, standards and guidelines related to the ICT sector in Ethiopia.


  1. Proclamation No. 49/1996 Telecommunication Proclamation (pdf)
  2. Proclamation No. 73/1997 Ethiopian Radio and Television Agency Establishment (Amendment) Proclamation
  3. Proclamation No. 86/1997 Electricity Proclamation
  4. Proclamation No. 102/1998 Quality and Standards Authority of Ethiopia Establishment Proclamation
  5. Proclamation No. 178/1999 Broadcasting Proclamation
  6. Proclamation No. 281/2002 Telecommunications (Amendment) Proclamation (pdf)
  7. Proclamation No. 360/2003 Ethiopian Information and Communication Technology Development Agency Establishment Proclamation
  8. Proclamation No. 464/2005 Protection of Telecommunications and Electric Power Networks Proclamation
  9. Proclamation No.533/2007 Broadcasting Service Proclamation
  10. Proclamation No. 590/2008 Freedom of the Mass Media and Access to Information Proclamation
  11. Proclamation No. 722/2011 Instruments Amending the Constitution and Convention of the International Telecommunication Union Ratification Proclamation
  12. Proclamation No. 761/2012 Telecom Fraud Offence Proclamation
  13. Proclamation No. 769/2012 Investment Proclamation

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