Postal Service Postal Service

Ethiopian Postal Service Enterprise /EPSE/ is created by Law with the view to establish and promote Postal Services based on the Development. As such, there is an over-arching demand to ensure  customer’s  satisfaction  thereby  to  accelerate  the  already  started developmental  and  democratic  system  building  process  and  also  to  achieve  the objectives underpinning the process.  

Key Services provided:

  • Postal service
  • Electronic money order
  • Door to door delivery service
  • Logistics & transport of parcels
  • Sales of Philatelic Products
  • New Post Box Rental Service


  • The Public at large  
  • Embassies consulates and International Organizations


Realizing the creation of internationally competitive Ethiopian Postal Service that plays indispensable role towards our country’s sustainable Development by the year 2025.


Creating inter-relationship among citizens and citizens as well as intra-relationship with the outside world through delivering quality and economical postal service
Some of the services currently provided by the Ethiopian Postal Services Enterprise are:

  • Receiving Dispatching and Distributing postal/mail messages
  • Receiving Dispatching and Distributing Express messages
  • Receiving, Dispatching and Distributing parcel messages
  • Receiving money by remittance for payment
  • Letting post Boxes  
  • Selling stationeries at fair prices (Post Shop)  
  • Providing door-to-door Pickup and distribution service  
  • Proving Public transportation service
  • Conducting Agency works  
  • Providing Philately services, etc


Postal and Telecommunications Postal and Telecommunications