Postal Service Postal Service

Ethiopian Postal Service Enterprise /EPSE/ is estabilished by Law with the view to provide and promote Postal Services based on the Development. As such, there is an over-arching demand to ensure  customer’s  satisfaction  thereby  to  accelerate  the  already  started developmental  and  democratic  system  building  process  and  also  to  achieve  the objectives underpinning the process.  


Realizing the creation of internationally competitive Ethiopian Postal Service that plays indispensable role towards our country’s sustainable Development by the year 2025.


Creating inter-relationship among citizens and citizens as well as intra-relationship with the outside world through delivering quality and economical postal service
Some of the services currently provided by the Ethiopian Postal Services Enterprise are:

  • Receiving Dispatching and Distributing postal/mail messages
  • Receiving Dispatching and Distributing Express messages
  • Receiving, Dispatching and Distributing parcel messages
  • Receiving money by remittance for payment
  • Letting post Boxes  
  • Selling stationeries at fair prices (Post Shop)  
  • Providing door-to-door Pickup and distribution service  
  • Proving Public transportation service
  • Conducting Agency works  
  • Providing Philately services, etc

Key Services provided:

  • Postal service
  • Electronic money order
  • Door to door delivery service
  • Logistics & transport of parcels
  • Sales of Philatelic Products
  • New Post Box Rental Service


  • The Public at large  
  • Embassies consulates and International Organizations