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Issuance of ICT Company Certificate of Professional Competency

The Standardization and Regulation Directorate of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology issues competency certificate for ICT related companies providing the services of manufacturing, wholesaling, retailing, maintenance, importing, exporting and installation of telecom cabling and exchange equipments, telephone, mobile, computer and related equipments, Voice and data communication equipments and spare parts, software, networking, database works, and consultancy service.

Who can apply?

Companies or individuals who wish to work on the ICT business sectors.

Processing Time:

After the application submit the fulfillment process will take a maximum of 30 minute, Except Manufacturing Business category, which needs extra time for visiting.

In order to get ICT company certificate of professional competency, the customer is required to meet service prerequisites of:

  • Human resource required,
  • Office or workshop required,
  • Site Visit and business proposal required for manufacturing business,

‚Äč Documents to be attached:-  

  1. Memorandum of Understanding and Article of Association for PLC/S.C   
  2. Managers or Owners ID/Passport
  3. Employees Educational Document
  4. Work Contract Agreement
  5. Investment License for Foreign companies

Download the Competency Requirements

Click here the link to apply online Issuance of ICT Company Certificate of Professional Competency.