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One of the guiding principles of the Ethiopian government ICT policy is the government shall actively collaborate with the private sector, civil society organizations and communities to promote and encourage the use of ICT towards transforming Ethiopia to a knowledge and information age. The policy also promotes the necessary coordination to establish cooperative practices and spirit amongst various stakeholders for a cost-effective development of ICT.

The national operator, Ethio Telecom provides fixed, mobile, Internet and value added services. In addition, it provides dialup Internet, CDMA 2000 wireless Internet, ADSL and wireless Internet using AIRONET, VSAT, and EVDO. It uses VSAT technology for the delivery of services to various government networks such as WoredaNet, SchoolNet, AgriNet and to non-government organizations. Furthermore, ethio telecom provides other Value Added Services (VAS) such as Domain Name registration and management for the .et country code top-level domain (ccTLD), the Domain Name System (DNS), Web hosting, and Internet Protocol Address service. The resale of airtime vouchers and Internet services through cyber cafés is allowed for the private sector.
The ICT /Telecommunications/ sector in Ethiopia has seen substantial growth over the last decade. Mobile telecommunications grew from a mere 1.2 million subscribers in 2007 to over 58 million subscribers at the end of 2009 EFY. Ethiopia's fixed telecommunications customer base has increased to 1,169,625 subscribers at the end of 2009 EFY which is a 4.8% increase from 2008 EFY. Ethio Telecom ranked as the second biggest operator in Africa and 38th in the world, according to the 2015 GSMA intelligence quarterly report. Internationally awarded for its quality and service, it is gaining 2.5 million new customers every month.

Ethio Telecom has achieved this status after completion of the massive telecom expansion investment across the country over the last few years, with $ 1.6 billion. The expansion has contributed an integral part in terms of customer base and infrastructure growth. Thus, currently Ethio Telecom has a network capacity of 62 million Mobile Users, 3 million Fixed Line Users, 85% Mobile service coverage, and greater than 21,178km  Fiber route (vast & redundant optical fiber network coverage) with an International Gateway Capacity of 42 Gbps (including 3 Terrestrial Route through Djibouti, Sudan & Kenya and 1 satellite back up).

The expansion project has also significantly improved quality of services, with customers enjoying 3G wireless services by upgrading the 2G network across all regions covering all over the country; with also 4G LTE, super-fast services, launched in Addis Ababa. The enterprise increased wireless telecom coverage from 64% to 90%, the number of mobile subscribers from 27.5% to 45% and the number of Internet users to about 20%.


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Number of customers June 2009 EFY
Mobile telephone 58,080,626
Data and internet 16,505,225
Broadband (EVDO, WCDMA, LTE, ADSL) 6,902,902
Narrow band (1x, ADSL<256K) 276,294
GPRS 9,326,029
Fixed line telephone 1,169,625
Total customer 59,899,089