Telecommunication Services Telecommunication Services

In the year 2010, with the ambition of transforming the telecommunication infrastructure and services to world class standard, the government of Ethiopia established Ethio telecom. Telecommunication services started in Ethiopia in the year 1894.

Ethio Telecom provides fixed, mobile, Internet and value added services. In addition, it provides dialup Internet, CDMA 2000 wireless Internet, ADSL and wireless Internet using AIRONET, VSAT, and EVDO. It uses VSAT technology for the delivery of services to various government networks such as WoredaNet, SchoolNet, AgriNet and to non-government organizations. Furthermore, Ethio telecom provides other Value Added Services (VAS) such as Domain Name registration and management for the .et country code top-level domain (ccTLD), the Domain Name System (DNS), Web hosting, and Internet Protocol Address service.

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